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Mechanical Television


Peter Yanczer's description of the Scophony system
Articles about Scophony
Scophony Theatre Television
More information on Scophony pre-1945 sets

Though these sets were designed to work with the 405 line eectronic transmissions from Alexandra Palace, they used mechanical scanning. There are no known complete surviving Scophony sets. However, a part from one has recently surfaced.


1936 Model

Courtesy of John Wakely


1939 Projection


Two Foot Screen projection set (1938)


Palace Deluxe (1938)

18 inch model (1939)

Courtesy of Jon Evans


1938 model (see also Ekco)



1938 ad in Radio & Television magazine

Broadcasting, December 1 1938

Scophony display at the 1938 Radiolympia