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Hello. I am Peter Yanczer and I've put this site together, hoping it will raise your interest and awareness in a great hobby. It's been a challenging one for me that I feel it has been most interesting and beneficial to me over the years.

My website is intended for you who are really interested in the history and hardware used in early television as it developed. To promote; developing, building and operating equipment of the sort used during those pioneering days. As I just said earlier, it has been challenging, (in plain words, not easy!) but it has been very rewarding and satisfying for all of us too.

Peter died on March 16, 2014.

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is a fact that most, if not all of the original television related equipment that appears from various sources and auctions including eBay, sells at prices far beyond the average persons pocket book. By learning about and constructing various items yourself, it is possible and affordable to get first hand experience and knowledge about this early period in television development. Some of the equipment is very simple in nature and easy to build, just as was done by hams and the general public in the late 1920s and early 1930s. An example for the advanced experimenter that might be considered is the following:

Early Television


From NBTV CDs or a 32 line camera

All of the installments for building this monitor/receiver are included on this site.

If you have an interest in the workings and history of early television, This can be an exciting hobby for you too! If you already have a radio collection of sorts, a working article of this type will be a important addition to your existing material. This site can help you accomplish this.

If by chance you are interested in mirror screws, I have some nice ones available.

Both 32-line and 60-line types are on hand. And there is plenty of information available on this site to get you started. Pass the word, Thank You!!

Quantities are very limited!!


Early Television


Direct Pickup Camera Construction Manual

(Courtesy of Richard Dean, added to this site by ETF)

Three mirror screw receivers are shown here below.
Any TV collection without one of these is incomplete!


Early Television

  Early Television

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