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Early Electronic Television

Andrea 1-F-5

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Screen Size 5 inch
Year Made 1939
Quantity Manufactured ?
Original Cost $189.50
Number Still in Existence See Pre-1945 Database
Cabinet Original Finish
Chassis Restored

This set was made in 1939 by the Andrea Radio Corp. It was also available in a kit form. A 1939 sales brochure for the set listed the price at $189.50. However, by April of 1940 the price had been reduced to $137.50. Here is the operating manual, advertising literature, technical information, a schematic diagram, and the story of how this set was acquired.

This set has 4 holes on the top for mounting a magnfying lens. We have acquired one of the lenses, which sold for $18 in 1940. It is the only one we know of. The brackets we made mate with these holes and two mounting holes on the back of the lens.