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Alternate Andrea Cabinet

In November of 2012 we were given information about a cabinet that looked similar to the one for the 1-F-5 tabletop set. It uses the KT-E-5 kit chassis, which differs from the 1-F-5 chassis in that the front control shafts are all the same length, while the 1-F-5 chassis has the outer two shafts about an inch shorter.

This cabinet has a permanently attached magnifier and it also has an Andrea decal below the row of knobs.

Early Television

With magnifier

Early Television

Without magnifier

A collector pointed out that another set (owned by another collectdor) had an almost identical cabinet, though without the magnifier and without the decal:

Early Television

The first set has a chassis serial number 10028, while the second set's serial number is 10163, indicating that the cabinet probably wasn't an early prototype. However, serial numbers are not always a reliable guide, since it was common for chassis to be swapped, both before the war by repair people, and after the war by collectors.

It is possible that Andrea made this cabinet as a prototype for a replacement for their original cabinet, but decided against introducing it. Or, this might be a late production design, but only a few were sold. The absence of the Andrea decal on the second cabinet makes either of these options unlikely.

Another possibility is that a cabinet maker (probably in the New York City area, since that is where virtually all Andrea sales were before the war) sold the cabinet as a lower cost alternative for people building KT-E-5 kits. Andrea decals were probably available from the company for use on their kit wooden faceplates and for those building custom cabinets.

If anyone has information on this cabinet, please contact us.