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Early Electronic Television

Cossor 137T

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Screen Size 13.5 inch
Year Made 1936
Quantity Manufactured ?
Original Cost 70 Gns.
Number Still in Existence See Pre-1945 Database
Cabinet Original Finish
Chassis Restored

This very rare English set was made in 1936, making it one of the first sets manufactured. It has a 13 1/2 inch electrostatic CRT.  Except for the grille cloth, a couple of scratches on the top, and an area just above the CRT, the cabinet is mint. The chassis are excellent, with no rust. Here is a sales literature, a brochure on Cossor television, and an article about the making of the CRT. Jon Evans of The Valve Page has provided us this article from the Cossor Courier magazine of September 1936 describing the 137T.

This is a photo from the screen of the Cossor 137T.  The signal source is a VCR playing an old test card. The replacement CRT has a P7 phosphor, causing the image to be blue and not very clear.

The main chassis

The power supply chassis

Western Brothers in the musical Soft Lights & Sweet Music

Radio Times Television Supplement, March 5, 1937