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CRT Rebuilding

Donations for the CRT Rebuilding Project

To fund the CRT rebuilding operation at the museum, we are asking for your help. In late 2010 we received $3,340.33 via PayPal. In addition, we've received $1,150 by check. After PayPal fees of $102.72, we had a balance in the fund of $4,387.61. 46 people donated to the fund. We have received several donations over $100, including one for $500 and one for $300.

This allowed us to transport the Hawkeye equipment to Hilliard. After those expenses, we had a balance of $1551.42.

We have received a number of additional donations that have allowed us to build the room where the equipment will be installed. The room will be finished in time for the 2014 Early Television Convention.

We will be asking for more in the near future to accumulate enough supplies to allow us to rebuild a large number of tubes and maybe to purchase some equipment from RACS in France and transport it to Hilliard.

You can donate to the fund here:

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