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Don Kent's KTLA Photographs

Here are Don's comments:

I have a BUNCH of pictures that were given to me by John Silva.  They show W6XYZ and also some developmental pictures of the KTLA Telecopter. John was the Chief Engineer under Klaus Landberg. There are also descriptions personally written by Silva.  Most of them came from 8x10 prints that were scanned at 300dpi. There are detailed descriptions by Silva, but they’re in Excel format and are even larger than the pictures.

Also, there are some pictures from Harold Morby.  Harold was the co-pilot of the KTLA Telecopter.  He was also one of the Build-engineers for the Telecopter.  It was built in the North Hollywood backyard of the owner, Dick Hart,  of National Helicopter Service.  It was flown for the first time from Van Nuys Airport in the San Fernando Valley. 


Many of these files contain spreadsheets at the beginning which contain descriptions by John Silva. The numbers below each picture are referenced in the spreadsheet.

Coliseum Football 1947
Engineering Activites at KTLA Over the Years
First News Remote at Pico Electroplating Plant
First Remote Truck
Indoctinating Lawrence Welk to the 10 Minute Timespan Between Commercials
KTLA Programs Schedules and Rate Card
Leading up to the 1948 Rose Parade
Morby Pictures
Rose Parade
Joel Tater Pictures
Tech Notes, December 6, 2006
Tech Notes, March 15, 2007
Telecopter Fleet
Telecopter #1
Telecopter #2
Telecopter #3
W6XYZ Studios on Paramount Lot - Ch. 4
W6XYZ Studios on Paramount Lot - Ch. 5
W6XYZ Program Schedules
Roy White's Pictures
World's First Frame-By-Frame Videotape Editor