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Early Television Museum

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Television History Online films and videos
Books and Magazines relating to early television Early Televison Collectors


Mechanical Television

Adventures in Cybersound   Dead Media Project Henry Ford Museum Pictures    Wayne Bretl MZTV Mechanical TV
Baird's Independent Television  History of Television  Tom Genova Narrow Band Television Association   Britain
Baird Television  Introduction to the History of  Television  TV before 1900 Peter Yanczer's site
Chicago Television History La Radiovision - Roger Dupouy's site The World's Earliest Television Recordings - Restored
Jim Hawes mechanical TV site Levend   Netherlands  


Electronic Television Before WW2 - U.S.

Broadcast Pioneers of Philadelphia Early TV in Philadelphia History of Television  Tom Genova San Francisco Museum   History of  TV in California
The Farnsworth Chronicles MZTV   1939 World Fair Zworykin's 1933 Photo Album


Electronic Television Before WW2 - Outside the U.S.

Alexandra Palace Television Society  Henk Dijkstra's Cathode Ray Tubes Netherlands Mexican TV History (in Spanish)
BBC Test Cards History of the BBC - Television Arrives Steve Ostler's Vintage Televisions
Envisioning the Audience: perceptions of early German television's audiences, 1935-1944  William Uricchio History of Italian TV The Story of Television from Alexandra Palace
The Evolution of TV  TV in Japan Levend    Netherlands Victor's World of Television   Early TV and the BBC
German TV in 1935 Marconi Television History  


TV from 1946-56

405 Alive  U. K. Bell System Microwave Networks History of Television  Tom Genova
ABC-TV at Gore Hill in the Fifties Australia The DuMont Network  


Early Color Television

CT-100 Restoration    Pete Deksnis History of Television  Tom Genova Smith, Kline & French Medical Color TV Unit
History of Early Color Television   Ed Reitan Fred Hoffmann's CT-100 Restoration Westinghouse 15 Inch Color Marlin Mackley


Early Television Cameras, Video Recorders and Studio Equipment

Broadcast Camera Museum Europe Golden Age Television Recreations U. K. Museum of Broadcast Technology  Woonsocket, RI
Chalk Hill Educational Media Kris Trexler's RCA TK-41 Color TV camera RCA Equipment Archives
Chuck Pharis's Camera Site LabGuy's World:Video Tape Recorders before Betamax and VHS Total Rewind VCR Museum   Virtual
Eyes of a Generation Museum of the Broadcast Television Camera  U. K.  


Museums Secializing in TV/Radio

American Museum of the Moving Image Astoria, NY Kuba Museum Germany National Media Museum   Britain
Antique Wireless Association   Rochester, NY Marcel's TV Museum Netherlands NHK Broadcast Museum   Japan
Auman Museum   Ohio Museum of Broadcast Communications Chicago Pavek Museum of Broadcasting  St. Louis Park, MN
Chuck Pharis Camera and Microphone Museum Museum of Broadcast Technology Woonsocket, RI Radio-TV Museum Bowie, MD 
David Sarnoff Library Princeton, NJ Museum of Radio & Technology  Huntington, WV TV Dinner Club Museum Akron, OH
John Rivers Communication Museum South Carolina MZTV   Toronto Vintage Radio & Communications Museum of Connecticut


Museums with TV Displays

Canada Science and Technology Museum Ottawa, Canada The New England Wireless and Steam  Museum   RI South Carolina State Museum  Columbia
Henry Ford Museum    Detroit Powerhouse Museum  Australia  
Indiana State Museum  Indianapolis Smithsonian Institute Washington, D. C.  


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