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Early Broadcast Equipment

Pre-1945 Camera Gallery

Pre-1945 camera tubes
Modern cameras using iconoscope tubes


Farnsworth Image Dissector camera (1930)

Philips 180 line Iconoscope camera (early 1930s)

RCA Iconoscope camera (1933)


RCA Iconoscope camera (1934)

Farnsworth camera (1935)

Farnsworth camera (1936)

EMI Emitron (1936)


German Cameras for the 1936 Olympics 

Philco 441 line iconoscope camera used at W3XE (1936)

Farnsworth film camera (1936)

RCA mobile camera (1937)



Safar Telepantoscope (1938)  

Vertical scanning is mechanical, horizontal is electronic

General Electric camera (1938)

RCA field camera (1939)

RCA model 500-A studio camera (1939)

Early RCA studio camera (late 1930s)

Newsreel clip with this camera

RCA 35 mm film projector for TV (1939)

American Television Corp. camera (1939)

Courtesy of Mike Schultz

More pictures, information on use in medical television, Picture Signal Generator

DuMont iconoscope camera (1939)

Massachusetts Television Institute camera (1939)

Midland Television camera (1939)

Fernseh iconoscope camera (1939)

Fernseh iconoscope camera with support equipment (1939)

Telefunken film scanner, using iconoscope (1939) 


Fernseh slide scanner (1939)

French iconoscope camera (1939)

Iconoscope camera in the NHK Muesum (1939)

Courtesy of Jerome Halphen

ATI Iconoscope camera (1940)

Philips Iconoscope camera (1940)

Remington Rand Vericon (1940)

DuMont Portable Camera (1941)

Farnsworth portable camera (1941)

Farnsworth film chain (1941)

Homemade camera from W9XBK (mid 40s)

DuMont iconoscope camera from WWJ-TV in Detroit (1943)

Courtesy of Chuck Pharis

DuMont camera from W9XBK (mid 40s)

1847 amateur iconoscope camera (mid 40s?)

RCA portable camera (1943)

CBS pre-1945 camera

Courtesy of Steve Dichter

Courtesy of the Schenectady Museum

General Electric iconoscope camera (early 40s)

With ultra long lens

(Courtesy of Luc Sirois)

These four units - camera control, power supply, pulse shaper and sync generator were used with the orthicon camera.

RCA Orthicon camera (1943-45)

Radio & Television, September 1940

New York Times, March 30, 1938

Courtesy of John Pinckney