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Early Television
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Early Television
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Television History

These links will take you to articles, stories, and other information about the history of early television.

Television pioneers

Mechanical Television

Mechanical Television 

Brief history

How Television Came to Boston

Mechanical TV in Boston

Mechanical broadcasting stations History of U. S. mechanical stations

Baird Television

John Logie Baird

Introduction to the History of Television 

Texts on television before 1900

Los Angeles TV Reminiscing

Don Lee, other early broadcasting

The First TV in Columbus ?

OSU student made a receiver in 1928

Early Television Receivers in Columbus, Ohio

The story of Murry Mercier, Jr., an early Columbus, Ohio TV experimenter

Watching Remote Baseball Games Live Before Television Article by Mark Schubin

Early Electronic Television

Early Electronic Television Brief history
The Evolution of the Damper Diode History by Dr. Hugo Holden
The Dawn of Modern, Electronic Television Paper by Nat Pendleton
The Farnsworth Chronicles The story of Philo Farnsworth
Zworykin's 1933 Photo Album Early photos from Zworykin's lab
Eight Years of Television in California Early television in California
Los Angeles TV Reminiscing Don Lee, other early broadcasting
Broadcast Pioneers of Philadelphia Early television in Philadelphia
Andrea 1-F-5 Found Prewar set found in New Jersey
RCA TT-5 Found Prewar set found in Springfield, MO
Early Electronic Television Stations History of stations in the U. S. before and during WW2
KSTP Minneapolis-St. Paul
TV During World War Two Brief history

Postwar Television

The DuMont Network History of the DuMont Network
Stratovision Airborne TV stations
Coronation of Queen Elizabeth Television coverage of 1953 coronation

Early Color Television

Early Color Brief history
History of Early Color Television Comprehensive history by Ed Reitan

International TV History

Alexandra Palace Television Society  Site of the first British TV studios
ABC-TV at Gore Hill in the Fifties Australia
Brazilian TV history The first television broadcasting in Latin America
First TV Shop in London ? Pictures of an early TV shop
Early French Broadcasting French early electronic television
A Brief History of German Prewar Television Brief history by Nat Pendleton
1936 Olympics - December 1986 EBU Review Early German TV
Kenjiro Takayanagi Japanese TV
History of TV in Mexico (In Spanish)
The first TV station in Mexico Translated to English
Early Television in Italy Article by Andy Emmerson
TV in Leningrad Russian TV
RCA's Russian TV Connection Article by James O'Neal
TV in Czechoslovakia History of TV from 1948 to 1990