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If you have something you would like to list here, there is no charge. However, the museum welcomes donations to support its activities.

This page is for vintage television (2000 or earlier) items only. Please do not post anything else.

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In order to keep the ads current, we will automatically remove them after 1 year. If you wish to keep your ad running longer than a year, please contact us.

Check our finding parts page for information on restoration and additional parts sources.

Tubes, CRTs and other parts for sale at the museum

You can also post ads on the VideoKarma classified page and look for items there.

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Warning: Beware of a scam where someone offers to send you a certified check for more than the purchase price for an item, with the balance to be sent back to the buyer. The check will appear to be good and will clear your bank initially. A couple of weeks later the bank will discover that the check is a fake, and will debit your account.

Because of a number of complaints about this scam, we are removing the email links on this page. Simply reformat the address listed with "@" and "." to send an email to the buyer or seller. Even with this precaution, scammers are still contacting people who advertise here. Please see recent attempts, and beware!