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Postwar Black and White TV Sets for Sale

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Original family owned Philco Predicta TV Located in OR. Randy, rcnac54 at yahoo dot com (11/26/15)


Antique round screen Zenith TV. I believe it's about a '48. Good, but not perfect condition. Pay Pal OK. Will ship, but very heavy, would be expensive. Asking price $375 or best offer. Located in IL. Mark, 815-206-9021, disilvestro9 at hotmail dot com (11/24/15)


Early 1950s crosley b&w for offer. Located in WA. James, spintunezz at yahoo dot com (11/1/2015)

Hi, I collect antique radios but have no interest (or space) for old TVs. I saw this behemoth in a local flea market and was wondering if any of your members would be interested. I had never seen one of these early projection TVs in person and imagine not many survive due to its size. If anyone is interested I'd be glad to forward them information for the flea market. Jeremy, kc9gic at gmail dot com (10/28/15)


I have a 1961 black and white console Zenith television that still works. Interested in selling it. Located in MI. Please call me at 517-522-4005 or email me at nancykno at med dot umich dot edu. Thank you, Nancy. (10/23/15)

Early 1950's Dumont television in cabinet for sale. Cabinet in excellent condition. Asking $150.00 or Best Offer. TV located in Long Island NY. Marianne, mariannebrower at gmail dot com (10/20/15)


Looking to sell 1956 Zenith Super Royal B&W television with Zenith Space Command 200 series remote. Television is in good working order, cabinet has no scratches, and comes with manuals for both the television and the remote. Located in PA. Scott, 610-331-4446, scott.bartow at gmail dot com (10/14/15)

For sale - early Admiral television. All knobs - in GREAT shape. Best offer. Located in IL. Bill, 312-402-4033 (10/10/15)

I have a RCA 8-T-244. It has the doors that cover the screen. For sale. Located in MI. Doug, 248-732-8241, dlw1625 at gmail dot com (9/28/15)

RCA Victor, In awesome working condition. It has a few small dumps here and there, but otherwise, unbelievable! $200. Call or Email. Located in Michigan, north of Grand Rapids. Mary, 231-286-8429 mevanwylen at gmail dot com (9/19/15)


I have 2 Andrea TVs, I believe from the 50's . Picture tube and volume works on each set. Open for any offer. Located in NY. Joseph, 917-603-6141, Joeyk1919 at aol dot com (9/3/15)


1946 RCA 621TS in "as is" condition. Acquired 30 years ago in working condition, stored in a non- climate controlled garage. No longer working. see photos. $950 + shipping/OBO. Located in NY. Don, dwart at prodigy dot net (8/31/15)


Beautiful Crosley tube television. The model number is in the picture below. The wood is in good shape, little TLC. I plugged itin and I got some sound. All tubes in back light up, the ones that are there. If any missing I would not know. The cord is getting pretty worn. This is my first sale in this area so I going to throw out a price. Please let me kow if I'm high or low. Please text me. Located in MO. Nicholle, 402-658-6685, nichollegibson at gmail dot com (8/20/15)


RARE find! For Sale - Vintage TV in a mid-century mahogany cabinet. 1948 Philco projection television, model 48-2500.  It is beautiful and represents a fleeting and significant product in the era for television entertainment. 

The mahogany cabinet is built solidly with the usual wear, some scratches.
- Original grill cloth in great condition.
- 2 brass handles, triangular shaped. 
- 2 hinged doors: left opens to reveal the picture controls).
- All knobs are there.
- The top door lifts up to display the picture image projected from below.

On the rear is the original access panel displaying the original Philco label. You can see the serial number burned into the rear frame (see pic). This was my Dad's set.  Dimensions:  Height: 34" x Width: 40" x Depth: 21" inches. Top hinged door - 25" wide.

I have not plugged it in as I understand that old electronics should be powered up slowly if you want to restore the set. All the electronics parts and tubes are still inside.  This piece will look fantastic in your home theater or family room and can be re-purposed serve as a console for serving refreshments. Contact me for additional information. Act fast, this will not be here long. (August 2015). I am located in the Chicago area.  
Janice, (847) 708-4920, ControlJR at gmail dot com (8/6/15)


My father was a collector of vintage televisions and radios. This is an RCA Victor he acquired before he passed away. Unfortunately, it has been difficult for me to research its year et cetera. I know he liked this website. So make me a fair offer, preferably for pick up in Pitman, NJ. As is and cash only. If any readers seeing this ad are not interested in purchasing it, but have any advice on its history or value, I would be most appreciative of hearing from you also at josephemessina at gmail dot com. Thanks. (8/4/15)


Beautiful Vintage antique Admiral TV Cabinet. Great condition. 43 x 37.5 x25. $7500.00, best offer. Located in NY. Renee, Renee17002 at aol dot com (8/1/15)


FOR SALE, RCA Victor Deluxe with panoramic system, working and excellent condition. model 24-D-8655U. Located in NY. Bob, 716-648-0181, tomanimarbob at verizon dot net (7/26/15)


FOR SALE- GE model RAM426XGL, the first letter is hard to read, might be #2 not R. Best offer. Located in NY. Bob, 716-648-0181, tomanimarbob at verizon dot net (7/26/15)


1950's Du Mont TV. Not sure on exact model. Not currently working. Looks complete except for some missing knobs. Beautiful tv though. Contact me if your interested. Located in WI. Thanks, Brian. kersgre at yahoo dot com (7/20/15)


1949 (9 PC 41) projection console, mahogany cabinet, lift screen, 13 ch. (Cabinet in very good condition; includes extra tube and wired control). Located in IL. Bryan, 2nooners at sbcglobal dot net (7/18/15)

1961 Zenith b/w table model TV, 19", works pretty well, cheap. Notify if interested. Located in TX. Bill, meszkos at sbcglobal dot net (7/8/15)

I have a rare television that has been in my grandma's attic for over 33 years of my life as well as other antiques. I'm looking for a great deal and someone who can get it working like it did when it first came out. Located in 0H. Israel, Israel21129 at gmail dot com (7/3/15)

Like to sell. Located in MO. Larry, 417-531-0579, deer32hunter692004 at yahoo dot com (7/3/15)

Raytheon cabinet TV with FM radio for sale. I don't much about other than it was my Mom & Dad's. I have had it in storage for the past 42 years, its in decent shape. I have not plugged it in. I believe it is from the very early 50's. Please email me for more photos and questions. Asking $75. Thanks, Anthony * Buffalo NY, local pick up only. tonymarfione at gmail dot com (6/30/15)


Have a mint working condition 1949 GE-806 10 INCH TELEVISION, FOR SALE. Located in NJ. Paul, 856-964-9655 (6/30/15)

Scott console floor model from about 1950. Mahogany cabinet. TV, FM and turntable. Beautiful shape.Has original wrapped wiring that needs replacing to become otherwise fully functional.  $200.00, you pick up. (please ignore items in storage in unit on the left of the picture!) I am downsizing and cannot take this lovely piece that was my Grandmother's. Located in CT. Alice, 203-748-7391, byrd002 at yahoo dot com (6/27/15)


This set was made by Westinghouse about 1952. Make me an offer. Located in Ontario, Canada. Sam, 705-626-2334, samlangella36 at hotmail dot com (6/21/15)


Vintage 1950 Zenith G2327R7 in excellent condition. Plugged in the valves glow, the speaker hums and crackles and I was sure I saw line son the screen (maybe my imagination). But this is a beautiful antique piece that deserves it's rightful setting. I have NEVER seen such a piece as clean. Contact me if it's of interest but I will want to know how it's to be displayed. Located in CA. Garry, garrypycroft at yahoo dot com (6/14/15)


I have Astor 11" portable television, black & white I wish to sell. Just wondering what it would be worth .Located in Australia. Cheers, Russell, gt_russell at live dot com dot au (5/30/15)


Old 1950s Admiral TV console with rotoscope antenna. Set turns on. Phonograph does not turn but you can hear the power to the unit. Front adjustment door missing in TV. Some scratches on wood. Best offer. Located in VA. J. B., greenngold4me at gmail dot com (3/24/15)


1950 Zenith Model G2441RZ. Great overall condition all internal parts seem to be intact - no cord - have not tested. $150. Located in NY. Peter, 315-657-7594, Padams at twcny dot rr dot com (5/21/15)

1949 Arvin 3120-CM. Make an offer. Loated in NH. William, williamnporter at mindspring dot com (5/20/15)


We have a rare 1949 Motorola GoldenView VK-106 television. It has always been in our family and now it needs a new home. It is in the Eureka, CA, area but we could possibly deliver it to the SF bay area or to Southern Oregon. Cabinet is in fair condition, with a few scratches. $100 or best offer. Buyer pays shipping. Contact Shelley at shelleymorrison1 at gmail dot com. (5/20/15)


I have just purchased an Admiral 39X36 with the intent converting it to modern electronics. So, all of the internals are available as well as the turntable. If you can use it make me an offer! Located in MI. Jonathan, 269-876-9160, jonathan_baab at yahoo dot com (4/26/15)

Nice 21" Olympic Sheffield in Mahogany Cabinet. I don't know if it works. The cord has damage and should be replaced. Minor scratches on sides and refinished top. Missing two knobs in front. Olympic LB-2645-29, Serial # 678583. Located in OR. Nora, jewett58040 at comcast dot net (4/20/15)



Antique TV 1940s-1950s or older best offer! Email for more information!!!!!! SERIOUS REPLY ONLY!!!!!! Located in NY. Netty, mssnetty1 at gmail dot com (4/16/15)


For Sale: Dumont TV. Located in CT. Barry, Barrywells47 at yahoo dot com (4/6/15)

1948 Dumont Television for sale to good home. This set as been in the family its lifetime and more interested is seeing it go to a good home and an interested party. I live abut 50 miles W of Philadelphia. It has some scratches and very dusty, sorry it was neglected but might make for an interesting refurbish. Mark, markhunter55 at hotmail dot com 4/2/15)



Sylvania GT Matic II color TV console, approximatel 23 in. screen, purchased in mid to late sixties, wood cabinet, still powers up. Will sell to someone who appreciates it - best offer. Located in NY. Bob, zoomie at rochester dot rr dot com (3/9/15)

RCA 8TR29 - There are a few scratches and chips in the veneer. The radio dial is missing. The last time I was able to plug it in was 20 years ago. It worked at the time but the cord has since broken off. Pick-up only - Boston area. Make me an offer. Jay, j.jaystanley at comcast dot net (3/9/15)


Bendix Corporation model T190U. Located in NM. Dina, kotovsky at att dot net (2/17/15)


Blaupunkt Cortina 90 Type 7424s. 220V. Made in Germany. Worldwide shipping. Highest bid. Not tested. Located in Sweden. Arvid, snallsam at gmail dot com (2/15/15)



I have for sale a collection of 9 as found and 2 working Philco Predicta TVs. The 9 as-found sets range from average to rough. There are two Danish Modern 21" floor models. There are two 21" Tandem models with bases, CRTs and cords, also there are two additional tandem model bases with no CRTs or cords. There are two 21" blonde table models with no masks. There are three 17" table models, two are disassembled. In addition, there is a 17" factory TV stand, some Sams, articles and advertising. I will not ship these, pickup only located in east central Iowa. I would not expect anyone to buy or make an offer without personally inspecting them and testing the CRTs if you wish. Asking $2000. ,,,,,There are also two more 17" table models (1 red and 1 chocolate brown) that have had been repaired and are working with good pictures. $700 for the pair with first chance going to the buyer of the first nine. ,,,,, Contact me if you are interested as I will offer these to people in the order that I was contacted. See more pictures at - forums - classified and look for my ad dated 2-3-15. Located in IA. John, 563-370-9205, jloradio at mchsi dot com (2/3/15)


Model #5384-A,serial#145807,Sparton Radio-Television. Division, The Sparks-Withington CO.,Jackson MICH. USA. Located iin NY. John, 845-608-0304 FORHIM at OPTONLINE dot NET (2/1/15)


I have collected 1940-1950 tv for about 30 years and have decided to sell the 10-12" magnetic deflection sets that I have due to my age and storage issues.

GE 800
PHILCO 50T-1104

All of these sets were recapped in the last 15- 20 years and have usable CRTs. The cabinets are in reasonably good condition except for the Fada which has a lot of veneer missing and no knobs. These sets can be picked up in Oxnard Ca. (about an hour out of LA). Please make any reasonable offers. Jack, 805-981-1459 jackneitz at aol dot com (1/24/15)



I have what appears to be a 1953 Fleetwood 600 (USA) TV unit with remote. Decent shape. Email me for pics if interested. Thank you. Located in MI. Ken, Kehud4 at aol dot com (1/16/15)

Early RCA TV. Model 34C446MV. Set comes on with no vertical deflection. Cabinet in excellent condition. This is a one owner TV. It was stored in a finished basement for years. It should not take much to restore to operating condition. Located in NY. Gary, 518-798-5235, garybombard at roadrunner dot com (12/30/14)


1949 Admiral 12" Model 32x15. This is a one owner set. Kept in a finished basement for decades. It is in remarkable shape. Phone & Radio work. Television has a raster with some vertical compression. Probably dry capacitors. Cabinet in great shape. No rust or wear. It will not take much to bring this set up to new operating condition. High voltage, CRT, audio all working. Located in NY. Gary, 518-798-5235, garybombard at roadrunner dot com (12/30/14)


WANTED: I am interested in trading my electrically restored 630 Plus $500.00 +cash (negotiable) for Electrically restored 621. (Enclosed photos of my set). If ageeable,would need to have you bring set to my home in Centereach, LI for transaction to occur.  Please email me with a description . Thank you in advance! Rob. Centereach, NY. rloeser77 at gmail dot com (12/19/14)


Packard Bell television set. Not sure of the year but pretty sure from the 1950's. Excellent condition. Wood. Needs a new tube. Make an offer.  Thanks! Located in WA. Sherri, sherrireneefrost at hotmail dot com (12/18/14)

1953 Silvertone Sears Roebuck record player and television cabinet. Located in MS. Jason, 901-619-0976, jhopper662 at gmail dot com (12/16/14)


1950's Vintage Philco in double door cabinet. My Grandma was the original owner and then it went to my Uncle and is now part of his estate in storage in Yonkers, New York and would be for pick - up only.  This may or may not work and there is an entire box marked tubes, but not sure if they are for this or not. Welcome questions. Ken, francine at goldenquillpress dot com (12/9/14)


I have in 1952 Dumont television for sale, model number RA 164 / 165, serial number 6548 669. You can contact Michael at 719 233 4764 and I will send you a picture only if you're interested. Located in CO. Best offer. (12/5/14)

Amazing condition RCA Victor Eyewitness Television with Victrola radio/Phonograph model 8TV41 from 1948. Original paperwork, including owners manual, bill of sale, etc. Not sure if operational. Mahogany. Also includes dozens of vacuum tubes, 8 new in original boxes! You must come & pick up in Staten Island, NY. Serious offers. George, 908-342-2204, georgeanastasio525 at gmail dot com (12/4/14)


I have a 1949 RCA Victor TV Model TC-166. It's still in its original cabinet, does work. As per the pictures, it does has some wear on it, but everything is original. It does have some scratches on it and the speaker covering is torn, but still in place. If you are interested make me an offer. Located in Toronto, Ontario. Greg, thestreetsville at yahoo dot ca (11/17/14)


We have a Philco 48-2500 television. It has all parts. Moving out of state and can not take it with us. My husband is the original owner. Please make me a reasonable offer. You must be able to pick it up. Located in PA. Karen, kagewillis at aol dot com (11/12/14)