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Wanted:Thordarson FLY-1 flyback transformer.Also known as Merit HVO 3 or Ram XO36. Thanks, Kevin. 586-864-3698 kevgo64 at gmail dot com (5/23/16)

Wanted: Admiral 17t11 with broken cabinet or just the knobs. Tony, oldtvsandtoys at comcast dot net (5/2/16)

Wanted: Working 15GP22 for restoration of an RCA Victor CT-100. The CRT in my set has sadly gone to air as you can see in the photo below. I would be willing to purchase the whole set to get a good tube if needed. Please contact me via email at vts1134 at gmail dot com or telephone at 724 493 4211. (4/1/16)

Hi, I'd like to know if anybody could tell me what this set could be worth. Thomas, 843-514-4330, bryantw511 at gmail dot com (3/5/16)

RCA TRK-12/120 - Cabinet Parts Wanted. Need one 24 1/2 inch long wood Speaker Grill Bar. Need wood Tube Cover with protective glass. Contact: Rich, email: m2tinman41"at"yahoo”dot”com (2/14/16)
I am looking for a low level video module 210916-3: Magnavox Videomatic Solid State Console. T995-02 chassis. June 1975. Brent, b-carlson at live dot com (1/12/16)
Hello I am looking for complete internals for a 1949 Zenith Royal R. And the knobs for the front. Tim, Tjprovost at live com com (12/31/15)
Wanted: RCA Stand For RCA TV 8T244 TV. This is the set with the doors. The stand has four metal legs, gray or brown color and is about 12 inches or so tall. It is a low boy style. Stand base size 25.5 X 14.75 X 22 WHD. Bob at r dot crockett at Thanks. (12/26/15)
Need front safety laminated glass for a 1946 RCA 630. Tom, tomsjunkyard at tampabay dot rr dot com (12/26/15)
WANTED----NOS or like new 19AP4A CRT. I have a 14CP4 CRT NOS that I am willing to trade. Thanks. Bob, totallytubular at aol dot com (11/30/15)

Fine tuning knob needed for the restoration of my 1954 Color Console, CTC2B, 21CT55. If anyone has one let me know. The one that came with the set has a tab broken off, as shown in the picture. Walter, wjb122750 at hotmail dot com (11/14/15)


I am looking for a kit that RCA sold for converting a 21AXP22A metal shield CRT to a glass crt such as a 21FBP22 or 21FJP22. Larry, ljcj03 at gmail dot com (11/9/15)

Looking for someone in the Los Angeles area who can professionally inspect and restore a 1958 Admiral table-top set. It currently works but it needs an inspection and overhaul as I would like to set it up for regular use. Thanks! 818-528-5068, writerguy at hotmail dot com (11/5/15)


I have an RCA CT-100 but I am missing a few items. One is a working 15GP22! I am missing the PS and HV Cage covers, and the perf plate on the underside is also missing. I know sometimes a set is turned into a donor, I was wondering if anybody had any parts to help make mine more complete. Thanks! Steve, skneizys at yahoo dot com (10/25/15)
Wanted a manual for a Beltron 2972-E CRT tester you can contact me at shyone1 at sbcglobal dot net or by phone at 314 630 3795. (10/12/15)

****WANTED****  **** WORKING 12AP4 CRT*****

In search of a functioning 12AP4 crt for trk12 restoration project, NOS preferred but will accept any as long as it is functional...WILL PAY YOUR PRICE !!!

Bill, 404-272-7131, billanderson10257 at yahoo dot .com (9/18/15)

Wanted: mahogany doors and hardware for a DuMont Royal Sovereign. Will also pay for whole cabinet. I have pictured a blonde cabinet so you can see what I am seeking. Don, 706-294-2156, dpatterson002 at comcast dot net (9/18/15)


I recently purchased an empty 1948 Dumont Sherwood cabinet. I plan on turning this back into a working television. Looking for the following Dumont RA101 parts.

Focus coil/deflection yoke assembly
15AP4 rubber crt mask
12" or 15" Dumont Speaker
Radio faceplate
Three small knobs on the radio chassis. 

Help me make this Sherwood complete again. Rich, 210-388-5837, mensingerr at yahoo dot .com (9/13/15)

Wanted the knobs for a 7" Meck television set. Don, 706-738-7227, dpatterson002 at comcast dot net (8/1/15)


I need a Philco flyback part number 32-8331. It is for an old Philco 48-1000 I am restoring. Steven, 617-335-1974, sdyer777 at yahoo dot com (7/10/15)

Wanted: 14HP4. Don, 706-738-7227, dpatterson002 at comcast dot net (6/5/15)
WTB: I am in need of RCA part number S10532, this is a 3000 ohm contrast control with a tap at about 3/4's of its travel and a 3/4" half round shaft. Thanks. Greg, pt1cglb at telusplanet dot net (5/4/15)