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WANTED----NOS or like new 19AP4A CRT. I have a 14CP4 CRT NOS that I am willing to trade. Thanks. Bob, totallytubular at aol dot com (11/30/15)

Fine tuning knob needed for the restoration of my 1954 Color Console, CTC2B, 21CT55. If anyone has one let me know. The one that came with the set has a tab broken off, as shown in the picture. Walter, wjb122750 at hotmail dot com (11/14/15)


I am looking for a kit that RCA sold for converting a 21AXP22A metal shield CRT to a glass crt such as a 21FBP22 or 21FJP22. Larry, ljcj03 at gmail dot com (11/9/15)

Looking for someone in the Los Angeles area who can professionally inspect and restore a 1958 Admiral table-top set. It currently works but it needs an inspection and overhaul as I would like to set it up for regular use. Thanks! 818-528-5068, writerguy at hotmail dot com (11/5/15)


I have an RCA CT-100 but I am missing a few items. One is a working 15GP22! I am missing the PS and HV Cage covers, and the perf plate on the underside is also missing. I know sometimes a set is turned into a donor, I was wondering if anybody had any parts to help make mine more complete. Thanks! Steve, skneizys at yahoo dot com (10/25/15)
Wanted a manual for a Beltron 2972-E CRT tester you can contact me at shyone1 at sbcglobal dot net or by phone at 314 630 3795. (10/12/15)

****WANTED****  **** WORKING 12AP4 CRT*****

In search of a functioning 12AP4 crt for trk12 restoration project, NOS preferred but will accept any as long as it is functional...WILL PAY YOUR PRICE !!!

Bill, 404-272-7131, billanderson10257 at yahoo dot .com (9/18/15)

Wanted: mahogany doors and hardware for a DuMont Royal Sovereign. Will also pay for whole cabinet. I have pictured a blonde cabinet so you can see what I am seeking. Don, 706-738-7227, dpatterson002 at comcast dot net (9/18/15)


I recently purchased an empty 1948 Dumont Sherwood cabinet. I plan on turning this back into a working television. Looking for the following Dumont RA101 parts.

Focus coil/deflection yoke assembly
15AP4 rubber crt mask
12" or 15" Dumont Speaker
Radio faceplate
Three small knobs on the radio chassis. 

Help me make this Sherwood complete again. Rich, 210-388-5837, mensingerr at yahoo dot .com (9/13/15)

Wanted the knobs for a 7" Meck television set. Don, 706-738-7227, dpatterson002 at comcast dot net (8/1/15)


I need a Philco flyback part number 32-8331. It is for an old Philco 48-1000 I am restoring. Steven, 617-335-1974, sdyer777 at yahoo dot com (7/10/15)

Wanted: 14HP4. Don, 706-738-7227, dpatterson002 at comcast dot net (6/5/15)
WTB: I am in need of RCA part number S10532, this is a 3000 ohm contrast control with a tap at about 3/4's of its travel and a 3/4" half round shaft. Thanks. Greg, pt1cglb at telusplanet dot net (5/4/15)
Wanted: power supply chassis for DuMont RA-102. Chip, colortvman5455 at outlook dot com (3/25/15)

CRT's Wanted. I am looking for the following crts's in good used or NOS condition, can you help me out?


Greg, pt1cglb at telusplanet dot net (2/6/15)

I am after a the focus knob for my 1948 Crosley 9-407. It is probably the same knob as the other four on the set. I will have one made if need be but would prefer original. Greg, bungiewilliams at yahoo dot com dot au (1/29/15)


I am searching for a replacement for a Philco Predicta Barber Pole model flyback transformer. Original part number 32-8853-1. I am also told that I can substitute the following in a pinch: Thordarson FLY 196, Stancor HO-346. If anyone has any of these HO transformers available I will buy them. Thanks very much. Frank, 812-858-2627 bfxp at ymail dot com (1/18/15)
Wanted: Original RCA service manual "1955 No. T5," covering the CTC-4 and CTC-4A color TV. You can contact me by going to . Thanks! Phil Nelson (1/10/15)
Looking for 3 knobs and power cord for a Motorola tv model 9VT1. Dan, 516-250-1267, coby11 at optonline dot net (1/10/15)
I need a replacement flyback for a Crosley set. Crosley's part number is B-144724 and Sams crosses to either a Stancor A-8117 or a Chicago TFB-1. There is the following number stamped on the core of the existing fly: 145629 F. (This may just be an internal factory number.) The Sams folder is: Date 12/49 SET #79 Folder #4. I'm sure there are other replacement flys that might work. The CRT is a plain vanilla 10BP4. Ralph, ralphsargent at verizon dot net (1/4/15)

Wanted Raytheon model 7DX22-P set of these 4 TV knobs. Can be reached - rloeser77 at gmail dot com. 631-379-6533 (12/21/14)