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Parts, Information, etc. Wanted

WANTED: Rabbit Ears to fit 1949 Emerson 600 Portable TV. These fit in to top of the TV cabinet/box. Bill, ezride2 at ndsupernet dot com (2/7/14)
Wanted: Small beige knob (contrast,brightness etc) and carry handle for 1955 Zenith 1530 metal portable TV. Contact Sam at wicked1two3 at verizon dot net (11/21/13)
Wanted - 12SP4 CRT to complete our restoration of a DuMont Field Sequential monitor. Contact the museum at or 614-771-0510. Thanks.
Am looking for a copy or original factory manual for a Dumont Chatham 103-D Doghouse tv. I have the Sams and Riders, but am trying to find a copy of the original manual. baursam at yahoo dot ca (11/8/13)
Restoring a 1950 RCA Console TV and need a picture tube 19AP4. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Cabinet is in great shape, she will be a beauty when finished. Many thanks for your time. James, (301) 776-5885, jamessg1 at verizon dot net (8/31/13)
I am looking for a Tele-Tone TV-149 working or untouched tuner. The Firestone or Sears version of this would be acceptable too. Please email ralph at filmtech dot com with price and photos if available. Ralph, ralph at filmtech dot com (7/29/13)
I am looking for schematic diagrams and instruction books of early television transmitters, such as GE TT-10-A or RCA TT-5A. Will pay a 'finders fee' along with making contribution to the Museum in name of finder. Robert, 440-878-9449, statwaves at yahoo dot com (7/7/13)

I am looking for original General Electric paper capacitors that I can restuff for a 1939 GE HM-171 television I'm working on. I believe these same style capacitors were used on GE radios of the time so I'm hoping some one has saved some of these when they recapped a radio, or some one has some parts chassis that they wouldn't mind removing them from and selling to me. The printed values I need are:

1- 0.0015uf 600v, 1- 0.001uf 600v. 1-0.002uf 600v, 1- 0.004uf 600v, 1- 0.005uf 600v, 1- 0.006uf 600v, 1- 0.01uf 600v, 9- 0.02uf 600v, 1- 0.04uf 600v
2- 0.1uf 200v, 2- 0.1uf 400v

John, vts1134 at gmail dot com, 724-493-4211 (7/6/13)

I am searching for original knobs for a 1951 Crosley television set that I am restoring.  I am enclosing a picture of the set, because I have never been able to locate one like it in all of my searches, the knobs are usually two not five, so please help.  Rhena, rhenac at yahoo do com (6/24/13)


Need working picture tube 12QP4 or 12LP4 to install in my 1948-1950 Stromberg-Carlson TC-125 television. I've refinished the cabinet (looks great) and electronics being refurbished. Only need a good working picture tube. Thanks. Mario, 805-558-2020, mario.contini at verizon dot net (6/12/13)
WANTED: Stand for 8" RCA Personal Portable TV, made in 1956-1957. Please contact William Dalton, 1392 Wood Ave., Bridgeport, CT 06604. Email: antiqueradiowilliam1 at hotmail dot com, Telephone #: 203-572-2827 (6/5/13)
I am looking for a CTC10 and/or 21CYP22 tube as a parts donator for my east German experimental studio monitor. Ingo, 41olds at gmail dot com (5/28/13)
Looking for a replacement tuning knob for RCA 721TS. jeffrey80 at aol dot com (4/27/13)

Wanted, magazines:

Television Vol I, #1 1928

Television News Vol I, #3
Television News Vol II, #2
television News Vol II, #4
television News Vol II, #5

I also have dups for trade. Richard, 631-734-5063, brewster at mercyships dot org (4/7/13)

I am looking for a replacement cover for my 1955 Philco tv, model 4113. The set is missing the cover that goes over the four adjustment knobs. ljcj3 at cox dot net (3/31/13)


Hi. I'm looking for a working 16DP4 picture tube for a 1950 Olympic 16 C-19 TV. I can also use a 16FP4, 16HP4 and 16JP4 as a replacement for a 16DP4.
Any of the above would be great. Thanks! Greg, g_tiernan (at) hotmail (dot) com. (3/22/13)