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Parts, Information, etc. Wanted

In an attempt to foil the bots that harvest email addresses, we have reformatted them here. Simply replace "at" with "@"and "dot" with "." to send an email to the buyer or seller.

Wanted: 7EP4 CRT. Don, 706-738-7227, dpatterson002 at comcast dot net (9/1/14)
I am looking for a new or good condition flyback transformer for an Admiral round screen color chassis number 24C2 built by RCA. It uses the same flyback as the RCA CTC12. The Admiral part number is 79D107-1. It is also listed as a FLY273, or Morkers5702866707. I am also looking for a operational round screen color tv chassis such as a ctc12, 15, 16 or clone or similar chassis. In case a fly back is not available. I will consider a complete TV set with a bad or missing CRT. I live in So. Ca. But I am willing to travel to pick up. Tim, 951-212-0060, Tmihome1101 at aol dot com (7/29/14)

Wanted: AC power cord for 1939 GE TV. The same power cord was used on some post-war GE sets. The power cord has a female end that fits a male three-flanged inlet connector on the chassis.  See photo. Kevin, Patrick97214 at hotmail dot com (6/6/14)

Looking for repair guy for my Predicta TVs close enough to me in Appleton WI so I can drive them to you, to avoid pack and ship problem. Any leads and recommendations appreciated. Thank you. Bob, nabbefeldr at aol dot com (6/2/14)
WANTED: I am seeking a copy of a British television home construction book published around 1955. It detailed the construction of (I think)about nine television sets using largely war surplus components. Any information gladly received and happy to pay a reasonable price. Tim, m.coyle at iinet dot net dot au (5/3/14)
There was always a pleasant scent emanating from the 1961 RCA Victor 21 inch wooden consoles. It was not lemon wax. I have always wondered if the manufacturers supplied the retailers with a special polish. Is there anyone who might know the answer to this obscure question? Thanks, Robert, robertdawson117 at gmail dot com (4/17/14)

Need all the knobs for my RCA CTC-9A chassis as shown in the picture. Thanks. Robert, riverave161 at verizon dot net (4/17/14)

WANTED: Rabbit Ears to fit 1949 Emerson 600 Portable TV. These fit in to top of the TV cabinet/box. Bill, ezride2 at ndsupernet dot com (2/7/14)
Wanted: Small beige knob (contrast,brightness etc) and carry handle for 1955 Zenith 1530 metal portable TV. Contact Sam at wicked1two3 at verizon dot net (11/21/13)
Am looking for a copy or original factory manual for a Dumont Chatham 103-D Doghouse tv. I have the Sams and Riders, but am trying to find a copy of the original manual. baursam at yahoo dot ca (11/8/13)