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Repair and Restoration Services

The following have notified ETF that they perform repair or restoration services for early television equipment. If you would like to be added to the list, contact us. ETF does not necessarily endorse the quality of the work done by these people.

In an attempt to foil the bots that harvest email addresses, we have reformatted them here. Simply replace "at" with "@"and "dot" with "." to send an email to the buyer or seller.

Amptech Systems, Warren, Ohio, provides Restoration and Maintenance Service for Great Lakes Region clients. We primarily service Postwar B/W TV, 21" Color TV, Radio, Hi-Fi, and Tube Automobile Radio. Restoration & Post-Restoration Maintenance available.  We also have Reproductions of sheet metal parts such as back covers and HV cages.  We are also equipped to service some Prewar TV models. Cabinet Refinishing and Repair available.  We have two fully-equipped shops, four service benches, two technicians with more than 25 years’ Vintage Electronics experience each. We also perform In-Home Service (Post-Restoration Maintenance Only, Limited Service Area). 330-372-5401. (3/16/10) 
Jeff Weinberg  W8CQ has purchased the Peter Dahl Co., which makes custom replacement transformers for vintage electronic equipment. Harbach Electronics, LLC, 468 County Road 620, Polk, OH  44866-9711.,
Vintage TV and Radio Restoration. Have parts chassis, some CRTs and plenty of restored and unrestored sets. Had three TV shope. I'm located on Long Island, New York. You can reach me at (631) 667-5247. Vaughn.
Friends ~ I have 57 continuous years of owning TOP TV in Cleveland Ohio. I have personal knowledge of all makes & models since Philo Farnsworth. (Early audio gear too.) Need help? ~ call Ernie: 216-486-3660. I have literally tons of used & NOS parts. Also see:  TopTv573 at aol dot com
TV restoration of early TV sets. 55 years experience. 7 inch sets a specialty. Cabinet restoration available, too. Paris. KY. Charles Harper, email brdcster at gmail dot com
Stellar TV & Auto Electric: I specialize in 1940s-1960s Televisions; restorations as well as custom color conversions, 1930s+ radios, record players, and vintage car radios. Although I am primarily based out of Gardnerville, Nevada, I also provide pickups and dropoffs from Midway Antique Mall outside of Sacramento, California (Citrus Heights) once a month. From the mall I do light repairs, but for involved repairs or restorations I'll bring your set back to Nevada. Much of my work is on display at Midway. Many references available upon request. Contact Justin Rubsam with Stellar TV at (775) 783-9321 (primary) or justin at stellar-tv dot com. My web site covers a lot of info about what I do: . Midway Antique Mall can be contacted at (916) 726-7177.
I restore pre 1950 TV's. I specialize in electrostatic sets Motorola, Hallicrafters, Admiral, Teletone, Pilot and others. Can rebuild chassis only if you like. I worked on these old guys when I was a kid learning the TV business in the late 40's and was in the business until the 60's. I also have a cabinet refinisher who does superb work. I'm working on a replacement for the Motorola rubber pix tube mounting/mask and can remove the old material from the front plastic cover and refinish. I live in New Hope, PA. about 50 miles NE of Philadelphia at the NJ state line.I work on a lot of old round tube Zeniths. Philcos, RCAs, GEs, etc. I also sell these sets that I buy and restore, mostly table models but some consoles. If you want a particular make and model I will find one and restore it for you. Call me at 215-794-3616 or email at cazar at irvm dot com. Chuck Azar.
Retro Electronics and Audio Lab in Midland, Texas ( offers service for tube-type TV sets, antique radios, jukeboxes, phonographs, electric organs, and other vintage equipment. We also offer supplies such as phono styli and have good used audio components for sale. E-mail retroaudiolab at yahoo dot com.
HQ Electronics is restoring the old B&W & color sets as well as antique radios. 218 N 1st St., Shelton WA 98584. 360-426-3336 (Shared phone and fax) hqelect at hctc dot com
Scott Marshall of New Jersey, repairs and restores vintage televisions, radios, phonographs, and clocks for museums, corporations, and collectors. Television experience includes CT100, Philco Predicta, 1940's RCA, 1950's Zenith and Admiral. scottmarshall at aol dot com
David De Betta has been an avid collector and restorer of old TVs for the past 15 years or so. He restores mostly postwar through 1960s black and white tube sets, and so far have restored ones ranging from an RCA 621TS (first postwar set) to various console and table model electrostatic and electromagnetic deflection sets, to metal 50s portables, to Predictas.  Email me for more info about prices, typical steps done in the restoration, shipping, etc.  Located in Charlotte, NC area. ddebetta at carolina dot rr dot com
Larry Whitlock from Dallas does restorations of postwar b/w, early color, and Predictas.  Lwhitlock7 at aol dot com
Ross Rian at RianRRR at aol dot com restores black and white and early color sets. Chicago area.
Ross Marshall at repairs, restores, buys, sells and trades  21" Philco Predicta TV's, parts and components and rebuilds chassis. predictatv at bigvalley dot net
Chuck Azzalina, Perkasie, PA, restores Pre-1945 and postwar sets. Contact Chuck by  email, restore at myvintagetv dot com
Steve George, northeast Mississippi. 30 miles from Tupelo (sgeorge at avisa dot com), repairs vintage TV sets.