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Black and White TV Sets Wanted

In an attempt to foil the bots that harvest email addresses, we have reformatted them here. Simply replace "at" with "@"and "dot" with "." to send an email to the buyer or seller.

WTB: Pilot TV-37; restored is my first choice. This is on my "bucket" list and I am willing to pay any reasonable amount for this set. As a kid, I paid $99.95 for one that I purchased at Kitts Piano (a Steinway dealer) located in Washington D.C. William, (2/23/15)

DUMONT WANTED: I am interested in purchasing a Dumont RA-103 Chatham "Doghouse" television. I prefer an original, non-restored example. Please email me with a description and your terms. Thank you in advance! Bill - Minneapolis, Minnesota. wcf720 at me dot com (11/28/14)

Looking for ANY 1960s televisions for a TV show based in the 1960s. Does not have to be functional but if it is, that's great! Not looking for anything too huge either. Please email me with picture, willing to negotiate a fair price! I'm in PA. Rich, richmurphy43films at gmail dot com (11/11/14)

I'm in Cincinnati, and preparing for a community theatre production of ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO'S NEST to be staged in November.

The show is set in 1965, and I'm looking for a portable B&W TV, something like what might have been in a hotel. We need to be able to play a clip from the 1965 World Series - we would need to be able to tie a DVD player into the unit and at least display the picture.

Ideally, we'd like to borrow the unit in exchange for tickets to the production and/or advertising for you or your business, but can rent it if need be.

Is there somebody on this list in the Ohio area that might be able to help us?

Many thanks,

Ray Persing
The Drama Workshop
trpersing at gmail dot com