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Black and White TV Sets Wanted

Looking for the Dumont Club Television set, mostly used and found in bars and restaurants during the late 40's and early 50's. Chip, 304-279-7629, COLORTVMAN5455 at OUTLOOK dot COM (3/2/14)
I'm looking for a mid-50s 27 inch console, preferably an RCA or Zenith set, with a good tube. I know that there were a few 27 inch metals tubes made, and I'd like to stay away from sets using the metal tubes if possible. Benjamin, 312-857-4011, blmoyer94 at gmail dot com (1/21/14)
I want to buy a Dumont Meadowbrook (1947). Contact me at adamsayles at gmail dot com (9/28/13)
WANTED: Kuba Komet. Any year. Thank you!! Matt, 562-533-2551, allynentertainment at yahoo dot com (8/25/13)
Hi, I am looking for a Dumont RA 112 A (1950-1951). It had doors and a blond cabinet model Westerly but I would take any RA 112 A model. We use to have one in the family when I was growing up and I still have the owners manual for it. I am an electronic tech and have my amateur radio licence so for me to restore it would be no problem. I still have the front plate safety glass and the front doors my father saved for some reason. If I could get one and after recapping it and doing other items to it, the first things I plan to watch on it will be the Honeymooners . Thank You, Mike, Woodbridge, NJ, mike269sparks at aol dot com (7/16/13)