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Early Television Early Television
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Black and White TV Sets Wanted

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Hello, I am hoping to find a 1954 Model TMC 379 Eaton's Viking TV. I am looking for parts to get mine running again, or a complete TV. If you have one of these or any parts please contact me. Only the two small knobs in the photo are original Viking ones. Thanks in Ontario, Canada. ForSaleOttawa at ProtonMail dot com (1/18/18)
Early Television Early Television
Wanted: Looking to add a RCA 621 television to my collection in any finish. Also desire an RCA 8TS30 in blonde. I will be at the Hilliard, Ohio ETF meet in May. Thank you in advance! Jerry, 707-567-1778, jersrhs75 at att dot net (1/12/18)
Looking for a scrap chassis for a Stromberg-Carlson TC-125, series "0" far just need the dumb high voltage cage....probably any "TC" series chassis will work. howdan1 at att dot net (12/9/17)

WANTED: 1957 Teleavia to live along side my Kuba Komet, 3 Predictas & 1957 Syvania Halolight. Thanks. Matt, 562-533-2551 predicta91 at gmail dot com (11/8/17)

Early Television

WANTED:  1960's or early 1970's table top television. Must be American made. Screen size: Approx. 17". Must be in working condition. For use in Nantucket Lightship/LV-112 museum ship open to general public. See 1967 photo of interior of lightship crews quarters with television. Looking for similar Robert (in NH) rmmjr2 at comcast dot net (9/21/17)

Early Television