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Early Broadcast Equipment

Mechanical Broadcast Equipment Gallery

Mechanical Cameras


1926 Baird camera

Early Baird camera, on display at the Baird Bar in Edinborough, Scotland

Courtesy of Lee Schaeffer

WRNY camera, made by Pilot, 1928

Baird 1928 camera

KDKA camera, 1928

1928 camera

Jenkins Aerial Television Eye (1929)

General Electric camera (ca 1929)

Western Junior camera (ca 1930)

ICA camera/transmitter (ca 1930)

Direct pickup camera (1930)

Sliskovic camera and scanner (1930)

Courtesy of Gerolf Poetschke

Ardenne 60 line flying spot scanner (1931)

RCA 120 line camera (1931)

Direct pickup camera in the NHK Museum

Courtesy of Jerome Halphen

Jenkins 1932 camera

French direct pickup lens disk camera

TeKaDe camera and scanner (1934)

Courtesy of Gerolf Poetschke

Baird Intermediate film camera


Barthelemy (France) 1935 60/120 line camera

Barthelemy (France) 1935 180/240 line camera

Barthelemy (France) 1935 240 line film camera

Peck camera and transmitter (1935)

ATI camera (1936)

Don Lee 300 line film camera (1936)

National School camera (1936)

Fernseh mechanical film scanner with two projectors

Telefunken intermediate film camera, using Nipkow disk

ICA 1939 camera


Mechanical Transmitters

1929 W3XK Transmitter 1935 VE9AK Transmitter
1931 RCA Experimental Transmitter 1935 W9XAL Transmitter
1931 W2XAB Transmitter 1936 Eiffel Tower Transmitter
1932 W5XA Transmitter 1936 W6XAO Transmitter
1932 W9XK Transmitter 1936 National Schools Transmitter
1933 W6XAH Transmitter  

Mechanical Studios

1931-39 W2XAB Studios 1933 W6XAH Studio
1932 W9XK Studio 1935 BBC Studio