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10-25-99 I just got my CRT yesterday. My chassis is rebuilt already... I also have the original RCA shop manual for this set!

10-31-99 [re: the Admiral 38A1A.] I gotta believe this is very similar to the CT-100. The only "deviant" of which I am aware is the Westinghouse. That set was a disaster that weighed half a ton. It had three chassis and an unbelievable high voltage tripler using 3A3 tubes (I think) or 1B3's. This was the heaviest TV I have ever seen. I saw it in 1966 at Williams TV in Sioux City, Iowa, when I worked there.

I have a schematic for the CT-100 (RCA original) which I would happily copy for anyone who needs it.

11-12-99 I may have access to a tube that will not likely be rebuilt.

12-10-01 I have completed the restoration of my CT-100, both electrical and the cabinet. It looks really great cosmetically and, for the most part, the picture is good too. I get a lot of smearing and was wondering if that was in the CRT or a problem in the video. Once I get time, I will hook up a video generator and look at the video waveforms at the CRT pins to get a better idea of the nature of the trouble. Also I need a "dynamic balance" pot for the purity. I also need an off/on volume knob and a better channel selector knob. Mine is missing the numbers. Nevertheless, there is a nice looking working set here in Saint Paul.

Gary Follett
Early Television

Photographed in early December 2001.

Congratulations, Gary! It's wonderful to know another Merrill can participate in the 2002 Rose Bowl parade broadcast -- a most exclusive and microscopic-size club that I hope to join soon! First step in troubleshooting a video problem like "smearing" is to check the peaking coils, especially those on the three video amp subassemblies. I've also seen jumpers across open coils -- it's a quick-fix by a slippery servicer in days gone by, or a valid troubleshooting shortcut... depends on one's side of the fence. --Pete

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