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Early Color Television

Magazine and Newspaper Articles

Pre-NTSC Systems


Amateurs Shoot Color TV Color Television - National Radio News NRI 1941 article about color television
Bendix Pitch Dubious Help to TV Color Color Television Today New Television System Transmits Images in Full Color
Billboard Articles - CBS Color Decision Oct. 21, 1950 Color TV: Almost, But Not Quite Proceedings of the IEEE in 1999
CBS - first New York demonstration of color television Color TV Demonstrations Reveal Engineering Progress Quick Magazine
CBS Color-TV Receivers Colour TV Goes Public Rainbow on the TV Screen
CBS magazine and newspaper ads Color's Here, by Godfrey Surgery in Color Television
CBS Makes Live Pick-Up in Color Television Consumer Reports Supports CBS System Synchronizing the Color Wheel
CBS newspaper articles from Steve Dichter DeForest 1941 article about color TV Television - Color and Big Screens Open New Horizons
CBS Will Carry Horse Races Electronic Color Television Television in Color
Color Sets - Makers Slow to Apply With NPA Electronic Color Television is Here Television Today
Color Television - by Robert Ehrlich Full Color Television Video Reporter
Color Television (Radio-Craft article) Full Color Tubes for TV What Color Does To TV
Color Television (Service article) Gray Research Monitor Article What's Cooking in Color TV
Color Television Comes True Here's Your Color TV Wheel Weaves Colors Together for Television
Color Television Demonstrated Home made color converters You'll Get Color TV Sooner than you Think
Color Television Here Inside the New Color TV Sets  

NTSC System


Topps Trading Card

ABCs of Color Television Don't Be Afraid of Color TV RCA and NBC Petition FCC to Adopt Standards
Broadcast News Color Television Issue Editorials on Color TV RCA Begins Production of Color TV Sets
Color Outlook Next Year Experimental British color set RCA 21 Inch Color TV in Production
Color Sales Up, But Below Hopes FCC Approval of Color Standards Report on Color TV
Color TV Exhibits Signs of Maturing Few Will See Servicing Color TV Now
Color TV - Is It Worth the Money? How Color Television Works Some TV Firms Buying RCA 21-Inch Color Sets
Color TV program schedules How They Crowd Colors into TV Channels Stations Broadcasting Rose Bowl Parade
Color Television is Here How They Paint Color TV Pictures Technician and Circuit Digests
Color Television - Its Status Today How You'll Get TV Colorcasts Who'll Buy a Triumph
Color Television - Past, Present, Future Installing a Color Picture Tube Who Invented Color Television?
Color TV for Everybody: A Timetable Most Makers Hold Hue Set Production Zenith 1954 rectangular color CRT
Coming Out of Color NBC Hatches Rainbow of Color 1st Big Color Push Seen in '56 Last Half
Consumer Reports - June, 1954 about CT-100 NBC 1962-63 color schedule  
Consumer Reports - April, 1954 Newspaper articles about the NTSC system  

The CBS/RCA Color War

Color Television? The Color War Two Systems of Color Television
Spot Radio News TV Color Controversy Your Stake in the Color Decision

General Articles

Spectratac color converter Wayne Bretl's articles