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Monthly online meetings of the Early Television Museum community

December 19 at 8:00 PM EST. Zoom instructions are here.

Our December meeting will feature three segments: first, Steve McVoy will update news of the Early Television Foundation, followed by a look at a couple of interesting items at the Museum. Then we will have a topic discussion. This month's topic was submitted by John Pinckney. He is soliciting advice on packing TV items for a cross-country move. Finally, we will have a tour of Mike Molnar's impressive TV collection.

Here is Mike's bio:

In 1983 Mike started Diagnostic Services Inc building and selling nuclear medicine equipment. Still in business today, the company builds nuclear imaging equipment for Veterinarian Equine and radiology clinics. Very interested in the history of radio, television and early electronics, Mike has been a collector for 50 years. In the last several years he has started to share what he has learned in articles, presentations and displays of his collection in a museum and libraries. The collection spans early electrical devices through radio and television. The home museum has been visited by researchers, students, collectors and many others. A number of pieces are displayed on his website www.electronicfossil.org  

Early Television

The Early Television Museum is proud to announce our “COVID Pivot.” We were all disappointed that the in-person 2020 Early Television Convention at the Museum in Hilliard was postponed and then canceled due to the Coronavirus pandemic. To help lessen the sting of the missing convention, starting this month, we’ll be hosting an online monthly meeting. 

Besides offering a chance for the Early Television community to continue the momentum of our Convention gathering, we hope that these monthly meetings will also allow the Early Television Foundation to function more like a club and that regular get-togethers will allow the collecting community to build and maintain ties even better than our once-a-year get-togethers allowed. 

We hope to leverage the benefits of the virtual meetings craze and continue gathering online every month even after we’re able to return to having our annual in-person convention. 

Our plan for these events is to highlight members’ collections and to offer technical presentations and television history lectures. We plan to meet on the third Saturday of each month. Things could change as our experience evolves in hosting these online meetings, but that’s the plan at present. The information for joining the meeting will be posted on the Early Television Museum’s website. The interactive Zoom meeting will be limited to the first 100 people but if we have more attendees than that, we’ll have an ‘overflow’ room with the live presentation streaming simultaneously on YouTube.

You do not need to be a member of the Early Television Foundation to attend, but your membership helps support the Museum's efforts (and we'd love to have you as a member!)