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2-29-00 It's wonderful that I've finally identified some other CT-100 restorers. I have run into the same problem with getting this unit to work -- a bad CRT. I believe my CRT was full of air since the filaments worked for about thirty seconds after I hooked it up. I don't know how long it had been since it was last operated.

If a way is ever found to repair these CRT's, count me in. I am very interested in getting mine repaired.

Method to Clean Tar Sealant from CRT Escutcheon. It appears that the black sealant used to hold the safety glass to the CRT escutcheon tends to spread out over time which degrades the appearance of the CT-100. After I disassembled this area, I found that the Windex I was using to clean the safety glass was dissolving this sealant. Eventually, I was able to separate the safety glass from the escutcheon and completely remove the sealant. Some careful use of a razor to scrape away the large deposits may be necessary. After cleaning, I used some automotive windshield tape to hold the glass and escutcheon in four corners.

4-22-00 I agree with Tom that the 6BK4 is an acceptable replacement for the 6BD4. My set, in fact, had the 6BK4 installed. I would also care to know what experience we're having getting the high voltage section up to spec. In one of my other TV restorations, I replaced a flyback transformer because the voltage was poor and since it was physically damaged. My CT-100 flyback looks good but the best I obtained unloaded was 19 kV. Is anyone suspecting that the high voltage capacitors (HV and focus rectifiers) need replacement? Again, mine look OK (as opposed to the paper caps), but are they susceptible to leakage? If so, the next problem is finding replacements.

The biggest impediments I see to restoring any old (tube) TV are the following: CRT condition, high voltage parts, and transformer/inductor parts.

1-07-02 I recently saw an old music variety show called "Hullabaloo" on cable (circa 1965). I enjoyed the shows and also noticed that some shows started with the NBC peacock and ended with a RGB screen sequence. As luck has it, these shows are available on VHS or DVD from with the peacock, etc. So if anyone would like these vintage color patterns, they are available.

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