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Restoring a Vintage Color Television Set


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9-5-00 Hi All: I have a CT-100 and just found out about your web site. Really enjoyed browsing through all the related data. Would like to restore my set, but I will have to learn more about TV restoration first. I also have an RCA CTC-5 1956 Color set in the collection.

Next chance I get I will move the set away from the wall and get the
s/n for you. My set was in a local TV collector's home for a few years until he decided to sell it to me. I'll try and get some more info on my particular set from this collector. Thanks again, and if I can be of service let me know. Maybe you can add my name to the list of CT-100 owners....not many around.

You bet! Glad to have you on-board. When I began this site, I expected all participants to be techies. But more and more, I meet CT-100 collectors who are lured by an appreciation for the history, romance, and significant contribution these devices made to the state of both commerce and technology today. --Pete. ]

9-16-00 Hi Pete: I had some free time to pull the CT-100 away from the wall -- ugh it's a heavy old girl! Here's some cabinet and chassis number data: (1) Inside speaker compartment of cabinet, lower left -- RBT 4143. (2) Upper right rear, at top stamped in the wood 524 (on cabinet and again on top lid). (3) Rear chassis center, just below the externally mounted ballast resisitor, is stamped/engraved B8001677. (4) Rear chassis right is stamped/engraved 11 03 207-1 sub 4. (5) Rear chassis rubber stamped in black ink is: CTC-2, RBV 274.

Cabinet is in great condition and complete. The bottom chassis plate is missing -- hopefully I can locate one in the future. Metal back is there. All correct RCA knobs. The dark maroon paint around the picture tube mask is flaking off very slightly. Overall, a really pretty set.

I obtained this set from a TV collector, here in town, when he decided to stop collecting TV's and sell all of them. He said this set came from another TV collector, so I guess this set had a good sheltered life -- not a barn or basement TV. I did see it play a few years ago when it was in the prior owner's home. He played this set until it made some unnatural noises and then stopped using it. I then bought it a few years ago and never applied any voltage to it since -- since I know better! Underneath the chassis, there don't appear to be any burned parts, or any later replacement received parts via repair. The top chassis just has a little dust -- which I just vacuumed away!

So, there you have it -- that's all I can find out on this set. Would like to know who originally owned it -- they probably had some money!

I'm in search for the owner's manual (or copy) and now a bottom chassis plate. I know these are small items, but it's fun to hunt. If I locate one, I'll be glad to make copies for the others in the group.

That's all for now, take care,
Early Television