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Andrea 8-F-12 Audio/Video Chassis

The chassis before restoration. All of the IF cans are postwar, as is the tuner. Components that will be removed are marked with an X. The tubes (valves) are:

V1 6AC7 Mixer
V2 6J5 Oscillator
V3 6AB7 1st Video IF
V4 6AB7 1st Audio IF
V5   6AB7 2nd Video IF
V6 6AB7 3rd Video IF
V7 6SK7 4th Video IF
V8 6AB7 5th Video IF
V9 6H6 Video Det, AGC
V10 6N7 Sync Separator
V11 6AC7 Video Output
V12 6H6 DC Restorer

The underside of the chassis. 

The underside of an original AV chassis. We will attempt to duplicate it.