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Collectors of Early Television Equipment

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Dave Abramson Prewar, early color
Anonymous British prewar/early postwar collection
Larry Auman Mechanical, prewar, postwar
Chuck Azzalina Prewar, postwar, early color
Mike Barker Prewar and Postwar Murphy (UK)
Andy Beer Postwar (UK)
Eric Belanger Postwar, early color (Canada)
Mike Bennett Early color, videotape (UK)
Dave Bertinot Postwar
Don Black Early B & W and color (Australia)
Dave Blewette Postwar, novelty items
Terry Bower Postwar B & W
David Boynes Prewar, postwar (UK)
Richard Brewster Mechanical, prewar, postwar
Ken Brooks Prewar, postwar (UK)
William Cahill Collector and, restorer of early tv dating from 1946-1959
Terry Cheek Postwar, early color
Sonny Clutter
Early Television Vintage Televisions Photo Reference Gallery
Email: radiolaguy@outlook.com 
Web Site: www.radiolaguy.com
Eric Coon Prewar, postwar
John Corradini   Postwar sets 1946 to 50
Brian Cuff Prewar, early postwar
Richard Dean Mechanical, postwar
Pete Deksnis Early color
Ted Depto Postwar
Steve Dichter Early color sets, ads and literature
Ed Dessau Prewar, postwar
Neil Dorfman Early 40's  American and British
Roger DuPouy Mechanical (France)
Jonathan Evans Prewar, postwar (UK)
Phil Fabrizio Prewar, postwar, early color
John Folsom Prewar, 40s sets, early color
Mark French  Postwar, early color
Bob Galanter Early color
Tom Genova Prewar, publications
Bob Grasso  Postwar, early color
Michael Hagan Postwar, Restoration assistance
Don Hauff Mechanical, prewar, poswar
Leslie Hine Prewar, postwar (UK)
Darryl Hock Prewar
Fred Hoffmann Early color
Ken Hoffman 1940s non-console B & W
Geoff Holden Prewar, postwar (UK)
Hugo Holden Prewar (Australia)
Tom Houghtaling Postwar B & W and color
Ted Hutson Prewar, postwar, roller inductor tuners
David Kaiser Postwar 1946-50
Brian Kerfoot Prewar, postwar, early color
Karl Koogle Vintage TV, books, ads, tubes & parts
Ingo Kubbe Early color (Germany)
Jeff Lendaro Mechanical, prewar
Fred London Mechanical, prewar
Thomas J Maciolek Mechanical sets and today's hybrid sets
Marlin Mackley Postwar
Mark Mason Postwar, early color
Tim Mullen Prewar
Dave Newman Prewar, postwar (UK)
Mark Nelson Postwar, UHF converters and VHF boosters
Don Patterson Prewar, postwar
Nat Pendleton Prewar, postwar, especially RCA and GE
Doug Peel Prewar, 40's postwar
Chuck Pharis Early cameras
Tim Poliniak Postwar, early color
Ed Reitan Historical development of prewar, early color, and early broadcast equipment
Rodrigo Ricardo Postwar black and white sets from 1950 to the early 60's. (Brazil)
Paul Ritchens UK Prewar and postwar TV
Fred Ringwald Prewar, postwar
Craig Roberts Prewar RCA, 40s sets, projection sets
David Roper Prewar, postwar
Maurice Schechter WW2 military TV
Dave Sica Prewar, postwar
Ray Sieracki Postwar, early color
Rudi Sillen Mechanical, prewar, postwar bakelite/ plastic sets from all over the world (Belgium)
Luc Sirois Mechanical, prewar, postwar (Canada)
Gilbert Smith Postwar, early color
Jon Steinhauser 7" & 10" TVs from the 40's
Rob Stephens Postwar, early color, projection sets (Canada)
Brian Summers Broadcast Television Cameras and Outside Broadcasts (UK)
Henry Tolino Mechanical, prewar, postwar, early color
Tracee Trax Mechanical, prewar, early camera tubes
Timothy Uberto Postwar to early 1960's black & white and color sets
John Wakely Vintage TV collecting and restoring (UK)
Eric Walsh Postwar
Kevin Walsh Postwar
Larry Whitlock Postwar b/w, early color, and Predictas
Mike Wilkinson Prewar, postwar, early color (UK)
David Wood Postwar through 1960s B & W sets