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Early Color Television

Color Telerama Field Sequential Project

Front View

Cliff Benham is working on the largest field sequential color set ever built. Cliff will be demonstrating it at the 2013 Convention. Here is what he said about it:

In December I finished the preliminary building of a 23 inch Col-R-Tel set that has a 54 inch wheel. [!]

I think this may be the largest color wheel set ever built including the wheel for the DuMont Westminster that blew the lights out at the FCC Hearing in 1950.

The cabinet is 5 feet high [on furniture dolly wheels] and 6 feet wide. The monitor is a Conrac 23 inch with 1000 lines of resolution and can display up to 90 fields per second. At NTSC rates, the outer edge of the wheel moves along at 96 miles per hour.

When finished it will also have a Conrac - Fleetwood TV Tuner, an ESPY AM-FM Tuner a stereo speaker and amplifier system and a huge set of Rabbit Ears on top for fun.


Layout for Filters

Filters on Wheel

Three Torque Motors

Starting Up

Standard Col-R-Tel Image