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Early Electronic Television

Cossor 54 Technical Information





RF amplifier 1 4TSP
Oscillator/mixer (frequency changer) 1 4THA
Video IF amplifier 1 4TSP 3-6 mHz
Video IF amplifier 1 4TPB
Video detector 1 DDL4 Full wave
Video amplifier 1 41MPT
Sync separator 1 4TSA Dual anode 
Horizontal (line) oscillator/output 1 MS/PEN
Vertical (frame) oscillator/output 1 4TP Triode/tetrode
Audio IF amplifier 1 MVS/PEN 2.5 mHz
Audio detector/amplifier 1 420TDD
Rectifier (HT) 1 431U
HV (EHT) rectifier 1 SU2150 3000 VDC

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Technical Information