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Early Electronic Television

NBC Remote Telecasts

Remote pickup equipment

Popular Science, December 1938

Ebbetts Field in Brooklyn - the site of NBC's first televised major league game between the Dodgers and the Cincinnati Reds. Here is a magazine article about this game.

First televised U. S. sports event, May 17, 1939. Princeton played Columbia in a 10 inning contest.

First Televised Football Game

The first telecast football game in history was made at Triborough Stadium, Randall's Island, on Saturday, September 30 (1939), when National Broadcasting Company's television cameras covered the season's opener between Fordham University and Waynseburg College. Two cameras were used, the one shown above on the sidelines for closeups, and another in the press box for broader perspectives. As the electronic eyes of the two cameras scanned action for these two points, viewers within 50 miles of NBC's Manhattan transmitter followed the action without the slightest difficulty. The telecast was relayed from the field by ultra short wave radio to the main transmitter of Station W2XBS before radiated over a 50 mile area. The television images were said to be of newsreel quality (NBC photo, 10/4/39).

Here is an article by Bill Molzon and a Broadcasting Magazine article on this game.

From Radio & Television, July 1940

From Radio & Television, July 1940

From Radio and Television, July 1940

From Radio & Television, September 1940

From Radio & Television, September 1940

New York Times, July 7, 1940

Engineer on the roof of the Polo Grounds when the Duke - Army football game was televised and relayed to the Empire State Building - 1944