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Early Broadcast Equipment

Early Electronic Transmitter and Related Equipment Gallery

RCA Transmitter (1936)

RCA T1 1kw transmitter (1938)

The M-25 consisted of two units; the transmitter (above) and the power supply (below). The 25 watt transmitter was crystal controlled and operated on frequencies between 288 and 346 mHz.

Rear view. The push-pull 2074G power amplifiers are at the top center. Below is the video modulator, 2 - 807s in parallel.

The power supply used 4 - 866 tubes in the high voltage circuits. The unit was powered from a generator supplying 120 vac at 600 watts.

RCA M-25 Mobile Transmitter (1939)

RCA 4 kw Transmitter (1940)

RCA high power transmitter (1941)


177 mHz transmitter used to relay television signals from Radio City studios to the transmitter on the Empire State Building (1939)

Coaxial cable used by RCA for video transmission


GE Transmitter (1939)

1944 Brochure (Courtesy of Bobby Ellerbee)

Another GE transmiter

Broadcasting, December 15 1939

French amplifier for video signals -1939

Milan, Italy Transmitter, 1939

Berlin 16 Kw transmitter made by Telefunken (1936)

Transmitter control panel

Transmitter Tower

Portable video amplifier - Fernseh, 1939

Mechanical sync generator - Fernseh, 1939


Other Transmitters and Related Equipment


1936 Eiffel Tower Transmitter 1939 RCA sync generator
1936 W6XAO Transmitter 1939 Philco low power transmiter
1936 National Schools Transmitter 1939 DuMont 1KW transmitter
1939 Safar Studios Transmitter 1941 Farnsworth Transmitter