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Early Electronic Television

RGD 382-RG

(click on picture for high resolution image)

Screen Size 12 inch
Year Made 1938
Quantity Manufactured ?
Original Cost 130 Gns.
Number Still in Existence See Pre-1945 Database
Cabinet Original Finish
Chassis Restored

Before World War Two, several manufacturers in England made large, elaborate radio-phonograph-television sets. This one was made in 1938.  The original sales brochure listed the price at about 135 British Pounds. We also have the original warranty card for this set. Here is technical information on this set.

Here is a view of the chassis in our set:

The 382 sets used an electrostatic deflection Ediswan 12H CRT:

Our set apparently has chassis from the 1939 RGD product line. It is not clear whether our set was retrofitted with them, or came with them originally. Ours uses a Mazda CRM-121. Here is a photo of a model 393, showing chassis which are identical to the ones in our set:

Courtesy of John Sully