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60 line lens disk receiver.
Built for Jack Davis, 1978.
Presently in the AWA
Museum, Bloomfield, NY

Peter Yanczer with a 45 line
Sanabria format camera,
Original Felix the Cat doll on a
turntable and a Visionette 24
line kit receiver.


48 Line direct view camera
/ and viewing monitor

Television, "Visionette"


Colour Bar Pattern,
Baird 15 line Serial #2


24 line image, from a
35mm slide. First system
built by Peter Yanczer

120 Line camera for the
Mirror Screw Built in 1997
By Peter Yanczer

Original Baird "Grid Cell"

Original J. L. Baird
"Televisor"(England, 1930)
30 lines, 12. 5 fps


Tekade,German (1934)

Yanczer, 32 lines, 15 FPS.
14 inch Diameter.
Synchronous motor drive.

Line photo, self-portrait)
Peter Yanczer (1980)


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