Early Television
Early Television
Early Television
Early Television
Early Television Early Television

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Online Books

Online archives of several television related magazines at americanradiohistory.com

Vision by Radio Jenkins 1925
ABC of Television(or Seeing by Radio) Yates 1929
An Introduction to Television Hylander 1941
Electronic Television Eckhardt 1936
Experimental Television; a series of simple experiments with television apparatus; also how to make a complete home television transmitter and television receiver  Collins 1932
Here is Television: Your Window to the World Hutchinson 1948
Movies for TV Battison 1950
Oscillographs Irwin 1925
Practical Television Larner 1928
RCA Technical Book Series American Radio History 1939-46
Seeing by Wireless Herbert 1996
Telecasting and Color Tyler 1946
Television - Writers' Program of the Work Projects Administration in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania WPA 1942
Television Primer of Production and Direction Sposa 1947
Television Standards and Practice; selected papers from the Proceedings of the National television system committee and its panels National Television System Committee 1943
Television the Revolutionary Industry Lee 1944
Television, its Methods and Uses Felix 1931
Television, the eyes of tomorrow Eddy 1945
Television ; a practical treatise on the principles upon which the development of television is based Hathaway 1933
Television; present methods of picture transmission Sheldon 1929
The Boyhood of an Inventor Jenkins 1931
The Fundamentals of Television Bolan 1950
The Mechanics of Television Peter Yanzer 1987
The Miracle of Television Gable 1949
The Outlook for Television Dunlap 1932
The Story of Television, the life of Philo T. Farnsworth Everson 1949
The Victory of Television Kerby 1939
Understanding Television Dunlap 1948

History of Television

British Television, the Formative Years, R.W.Burns, Peter Peregrinus Ltd. 1986. British television from 1923 through 1936.
Distant Vision, Romance and Discovery on an Invisible Frontier, Elma G. Farnsworth, Pemberly Kent Publishers, 1993. Philo Farnsworth's story.
Old Television, Andrew Emmerson, Shire Publications, 1998. A small book with the early history of television in England.
Please Stand By, Michael Ritchie, Overlook Press, 1994. A history of early television, mostly in the U. S.
Television, an International History of the Formative Years, R. W. Burns, Institution of Electrical Engineers, 1998. Television development from 1877 through 1939 in Europe and the U.S.
The Box, Jeff Kisseloff,  Penguin Books, 1995. An oral history of television in the United States from 1920 to 1961.
The Great Television Race, Joseph H. Udelson, University of Alabama Press, 1982. A history of the American television industry 1925-1941
Tube, the Invention of Television, David E. Fisher and Marshall Jon Fisher, Counterpoint, 1996. The story of the invention of television, from Baird through color television.
Tube of Plenty, Erik Barnouw, Oxford University Press, 1990. The evolution of American television.
Zworykin, Pioneer of Television, Albert Abramson, University of  Illinois Press, 1995. Zworykin's role in the development of electronic television.

Construction of Mechanical TV Sets

Experimental Television, A. Frederick Collins, Reprinted by Lindsay Publications, 1991. A 1932 book with information on building a scanning disk set.
The Mechanics of Television, Peter F. Yanczer, Experimental Television Society, 1987. Detailed instructions on how to build scanning disk television cameras and sets using modern parts.

Picture Books and Collectors Guides

Classic TVs, Pre-War thru 1950s, Scott Wood, L-W Books, 1992. Price guide of early American TV sets.
Collectors Guide to Vintage Televisions, Bryan Durbal and Glenn Bubenheimer,  Collectors Books, 1999. Price guide of early postwar American TV sets.
Historic Televisions and Video Recorders, Michael Bennett-Levy, Page Pre-Press Ltd, 1993. Pictures and information on English TV sets from 1936 through the 50s, and early video recorders.
Poster's Radio and Television Price Guide, Harry Poster, Wallace-Homestead Book Co., 1991. Price guide of early American radios and television sets.
The Golden Age of Televisions, Philip Collins, General Publishing Group, Inc., 1994.  Pictures of sets from 1928 through the early 50s.
TV is King, Michael Bennett-Levy, Page Pre-Press Ltd, 1994. Photographs and information on English TV sets from 1928 through the middle 50s.


NBTV, newsletter of the Narrow Bandwidth Television Association, Nottingham, England. A group dedicated to construction of mechanical television equipment.
The Old Timers Bulletin, publication of the Antique Wireless Association, Holcomb, NY. Articles on early radio and television.