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This 1933 brochure was produced by W9XAL to advertise their television engineering school. Here are comments from Valerie Yaros, the historian for Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio artists (SAG-AFTRA):

 I just wanted to let you know I discovered that one of your brochures from the late Mr. Newcomb Weisenberger, identified as 1932 – actually must date to 1933.  Page 4 shows a group of actors/actresses comprising the “42nd St. Special” which traveled to attend the “Presidential inauguration” which of course, is Franklin Roosevelt on March 4, 1933.  Note the actor on the left is Lyle Talbot (who would become one of the core founding members of Screen Actors Guild a few months later), misidentified as “Gene Talbot.”

 I found a marvelous 2001 story on the event and Talbot’s recollections of it as told by his son Stephen from  March 4, 1933.