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Camera Tubes

Postwar Camera Tubes

A collection of early camera and video storage tubes has been donated to the museum by Chuck Azzalina.


RCA 1948 monoscope prototype

Vidicon (mid 50s) 

Philips 5854 Iconoscope

(courtesy of Troy Walters)


Multicon (1953)

RCA 5820 Image Orthicon (late 40s)


5527 Iconoscope

(courtesy of Troy Walters)

Pye Photicon midget Image Iconoscope

Diamond Power Image Dissector (1949-73)


RCA 8480 Vidicon. Used in TK-27 film camera

(Donated to the museum by George Lemaster)


Philips 55875 Plumbicon. Used a lead-oxide target, but was otherwise like a vidicon. It provided the simplicity of a vidicon with the sensitivity of an image orthicon. It was used in Norelco PC-60/70 and almost all other color cameras in the 60s and 70s.

(Donated to the museum by George Lemaster)