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Early Television
Early Television Early Television
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RCA TT-5A Transmitter Manual

Courtesy of Michael Henry of the University of Maryland Library System and Robert Manning

Table of Contents and List of Illustrations (p. 3-10) Operation (p. 139-141)
Technical Summary (p. 11-13) Maintenance (p. 142-170)
Equipment (p. 14-16) Replacement Parts and Engineering Service (p. 171-198)
Description (p. 17-43) Extracts for Manufacturers' Bulletins (p. 199-232)
Installation-Transmitter Installation (p. 44-55) Visual Modulator Adjustments (p. 1-1 to 1-15)
Installation-Monitoring Equipment (p. 55-57) Summary of Technical Bulletins (p. 2-1 to 2-15)
Installation-Preliminary Adjustments (p.57-73) Installation Instructions for TT-5A Television Broadcast Transmitter
Installation-Tuning (p. 73-139)