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WGSF-TV News Update 5/8/2008

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Greetings to all:
I hope everyone is visiting the WGSF Television on-line pages from time to time.
I have heard via e-mail from several former staffers lately, which I much appreciate.
Please check in, and let me know that you are receiving these e-mails.
If you know of any former WGSF staffers that are not on the WGSF e-mail list, invite them to join us.

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Recent additions include:

  • The Blue Truck
  • The Mobile TV production truck
  • A summary of blog comments about Mr. McDaniel
  • WGSF TV cameras
  • Power for the TV Truck
  • Adult volunteer database

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Noting that the Former WGSF Mobile TV Truck is now on display in Hilliard at the Early Television Foundation reminds me that we have not been successful in getting displays about WGSF set up in Newark. Neither The Works nor the Historical Society seems to be interested.

I had an e-mail from Dan Wade about the 31 Reports backdrop, which he has stored away, wondering if it could be displayed somewhere.
I also have a lot of goodies, which I would like to put on display. If not Newark, maybe Hilliard?

I viewed parts of the Early Television Foundation convention Saturday, May 3, which was streamed on the internet.
 I think that Tom Miller was there, and I hope that he will give us a report.
The "streaming" experience gives me another idea: Why not "stream" some of the old WGSF programs that we have on video tape. There were suggestions at one of the reunions about converting the VR-660 tapes to digital. The next step would naturally be to stream them on the internet. To check this service out (probably one of several available) go to:

Just think about seeing "Wildcat Den" from the 70's. Maybe even John Hall doing a "Rotten Egg' Award.
These streaming things/shows (whatever) are widely publicized on the web, and have a blog associated with the broadcast.
 What a way to continue broadcasting!!!

 I don't have either the time or especially the digitizing equipment at present, and maintaining the web site keeps me busy. But - Hey! sounds like an excellent future project.

Leland Hubbell
 WGSF Web site Administrator