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The WGSF website has lost most of its links and images. We have retrieved as much as possible of the site and have preserved it here. We wiill continue to attemp to restore the pictures that are missing. We have removed inactive links, and made some minor edits to the site.

          WGSF was unique - and deserves to be documented as fully as possible.
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WGSF Television
           Newark, Ohio
                 1963 - 1976

Public Broadcasting Station WGSF Television operated in Newark, Ohio, from 1963 to 1970 as Channel 28, and then as Channel 31 until it ceased operation in 1976.
>    The story of television broadcasting in Newark, Ohio, has roots that go much deeper than the relatively short life of the WGSF broadcast station itself. It took a lot of work and community cooperation before the first day of broadcasting on Channel 28 began.

        Many people contributed time, money, and even tangibles over the years in pursuit of a vision that public and educational uses of television were not only a valuable asset, but were also attainable in a local community.

     WGSF Televison was licensed to the Newark City School System, and was the only PBS station owned and operated by a Board of Education in Ohio.
  Link:>  Bill Clifford, Scott Elliott, John Hall - 1967

Studio 1
These pages are dedicated to persons who were
connected with the station, as Administrators, Employees, Student Staff, Volunteers, or Community Support.
     ~Help Preserve the Legacy of WGSF
     ~Share Memories
     ~View or Contribute Photos
     ~Post Messages to the 'Old Gang'
     ~Review the History of WGSF
     ~Search the Database Files
WGSF Site Manager:  e-mail
 >> Leland Hubbell
Please report broken or incorrect links.

    TThese web pages comprise an on-going endeavor to compile a history of the WGSF Television station, utilizing the internet to store data from the files of the former PBS station, including correspondence, pictures, program schedules, and other memorabilia. Fortunately, many of the documents from WGSF have been retained, along with some items of equipment. I am especially interested in including memories and insights from people who participated in this community television experience. Contributions and comments are welcome.

    Hopefully, these web pages will develop into a compilation of these resources with memories and insights from people who participated in the community television experience. If you were involved in some way with the TV station , as an Administrator, Employee, Student Staffer, Volunteer, or in the Community Support groups, please Help Preserve the Legacy of WGSF.

Check through the topics already started. Encourage others to become involved, and become contributers to this project.

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             Leland Hubbell - Site Administrator
  Leland Hubbell
        WGSF - 1964 - 1976
        Newark School District TV Center - 1976 - 1995

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Links of interest

Link to article about the WGSF mobile production van: http://www.earlytelevision.org/wgsf_van.html

Link:>  The
Early Television Museum is located at 5396 Franklin Street in Hilliard, Ohio  
(614) 771-0510.  

E-mail:> info@earlytelevision.org

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