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Early Color Television

Later Color Sets (1955-65)

1955 Sets

Hoffman Colorcaster M4021A

Philco TV-123

RCA CTC-2B model 21-CT-55,  based on the CT-100 chassis


RCA TM-21 Monitor

Courtesy of John Folsom

TLS50. Based around the CTC-2B chassis (21CT-55), with no modifications to the basic chassis, except to leave off the convergence yoke assembly. All the circuitry associated with the fantastic control panel is passive components, used to adjust the bias on the 3 CRTs, and set up the vertical and horizontal sweep and focus. The projection optics are 3 Norelco Protelgram boxes, with special versions of the 3NP4 CRTs, with blue, green and yellow phosphors, and a red Wratten filter.

Courtesy of John Folsom

1956/57 Sets

Picture Catalog of 1956 Color TV Sets

Admiral Patrician

1957 Admiral

Admiral Ambassador C322C17

Courtesy of John Folsom

Admiral Ambassador C22C27

Admiral Ambassador C322C16

Airline GSE-6000A

Capehart 31T216,  36C216M-5

CBS-Columbia 22 inch

1957 DuMont

Emerson C-502

1956-57 General Electric 21C700

Courtesy of Sean Duffy

1956 Hallicrafters 21CK801M

Hoffman Colorcaster

Courtesy of Charles Sanders

1956 Magnavox

1957 Magnavox

1957 Motorola 21CT2M

Courtesy of John Folsom

Muntz Chromatron Set

Muntz 721 CV. Built around an RCA CTC-5N chassis. This is the Deluxe Series, which  used X and Z wide-band demodulation producing a superior color picture.

Courtesy of John Folsom

Packard Bell 21CC1

Raytheon C-21C1M



Sentinel IU-816

Stromberg Carlson 102CM

Courtesy of John Folsom

Sylvania 21C609

Sylvania 31T304 "The Granada"

Courtesy of John Horvath

Sylvania 31C606 "The Saratoga"

Westinghouse H22T155


1958-59 Sets

RCA's first automated production line for color CRTs

RCA CTC-7 (1958)


RCA CTC-9 (1959)

1960 - 1970 Sets

Courtesy of Ed Reitan

Courtesy of George Lemaster

Sears-Toshiba 16 inch. The first rectangular screen set from Japan (1965)

Mitsubishi Triniscope

General Electric Porta Color (1966)

Sony Chromatron (1966)



Uniray (1960s)

Topping Color TV Converter