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Early Television Museum

Restoration of Early Television Sets

It is the goal of the Foundation to restore all the sets in its collection to working condition.  Here is some advice for those considering restoring an old television set.

These are some of the sets we have restored:

Admiral Ambassador American color TV from 1956
Andrea 2-F-5 American TV from1939
Andrea 8-F-12 American Radio/Phono/TV from 1939
Andrea KT-E-5 American TV from 1939
Baird T18C British TV/Radio from 1938
Bell and Howell Projection Set  American Projection TV from 1944
CBS Color Converter/Adapter Field sequential converter from 1950
Colordaptor  American color adaptor from 1956
Cossor 54 British TV from 1937
Cossor 137T British Radio/TV from 1936
DuMont 180  American TV from 1938
Ekco TA-201  British TV (vision only) from 1938
General Electric HM-171 American TV (vision only) from 1939
General Electric HM-171 #2 American TV (vision only) from 1939
General Electric HM-185 American TV from 1939
General Electric HM-225 American TV from 1939
Gray Research Monitor Color field sequential monitor from 1951
HMV 904  British Radio/TV from 1938
HMV 904 #2 British Radio/TV from 1938
HMV 905 British TV/Radio from 1938
HMV 1800 British TV from 1939
Hoffman 19 inch Colorcaster American Color TV from 1954
Marconi 705  British Radio/TV from 1937
Meissner 10-1153 American TV from 1939
Motorola 19CT1 American color TV from 1954
Murphy A58V British TV/Radio from 1938
Pye 817  British TV (vision only) from 1938
RCA CPA prototype American color TV prototype from 1952
RCA CTC-5 (Dave May) American color TV set from 1956
RCA TRK-5   American Radio/TV from 1939
RCA TRK-9 American TV/Radio from 1939
RCA TT- 5 American TV (vision only) from 1939
RGD 382-RG British Radio/Phono/TV from 1938
Snaider "Auditorium" American projection set from 1947
Sparton 16A211 American color TV from 1954
Telekit Model 7 American TV from 1947
Videograph American TV/Jukebox from 1946
Western Empire State Lens disk TV from 1932
Westinghouse WRT-700 American TV (vision only) from 1939
Westinghouse WRT-701 American TV/Radio from 1939
Westinghouse WRT-703 American TV/Radio from 1939

Additional Information on Restoration

Antique Radio Classifieds Parts available from the museum
Aurora Standards Converter Phil Nelson's restorations
Basic Television Restoration (from Postwar CRT specifcations
Bypassing the RF/IF Sections in Antique TV Sets (Wayne Abare) Prewar 12AP4 substitute
Canadian TV set schematic diagrams for sale Rebuilding CRTs
Classified Notices Rebuilding electrolytic capacitors .
CRT rebuilding at the museum Rebuilding high voltage (EHT) capacitors
CRT substitution chart (from's forums) Rebuilding paper capacitors
Create Your Own TV Station for your vintage TV sets Restoration services
David Boynes' GEC BT-9121 Restoration Restoring an EKCO TS-88
David Boynes Pye Experimental Color Set Restoration Restoration Advice
Finding parts for old TV set restoration Rider index of TV service data
Grungy knob cure Schematic diagrams and technical data on selected sets
How we do our restorations Steve Ostler's Marconi 702 Restoration
HMV 907 restoration Tubes and parts for sale at the museum
Hugo Holden's restorations Vertical retrace elimination - adding a circuit to old TV sets
Making a new transformer look old  

405 Line Modulator Kit Available

We have designed a simple modulator to be used with British 405 line TV sets. It can also be used with pre-1945 (AM sound) American sets. We ordered a number of printed circuit boards, and are making them available to anyone who needs one at our cost of $25 or 15 Pounds Sterling, including postage to the U.S. or Europe. Here is more information and ordering instructions.

Parts Available from the Museum

Over the years we have accumulated a large quantity of replacement flybacks, yokes, transformers, coils and other replacement parts. We are making them available to the collecting community (non-commercial only). Take a look at our list, and if you find something you need, make a donation and it is yours.

We will be adding items to the list frequently, so check back if you don't find what you're looking for.

Inventory List